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Re: FW: [NTSEC] (Fwd) DESCHALL Press Release

> > I suggest to use debian@debian.org as common identifier for Debian
> > friends. In case we get the money (why should we ?) I suggest to pass
> > 50% to Linux International and keep 50% for Debian.
> Please use an address at Linux International, not one in the Debian
> domain. It is not our policy to compete with other Linux distributions.
> If we are to join this challenge, it should be for all Linux, not for
> Debian alone.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce

That's silly, Bruce...

I get the impression that you've been hoodwinked into thinking there
is an "official Linux team" - there ain't - there's a linuxnet.org
team, organized by those IRC guys.

The odds of winning any of these contests (even with a strong team)
is something like 1 in 10,000 - so the objective isn't to win - it's
just to compete.  

Your argument is sort of like saying we shouldn't buy a lottery ticket 
and write "Debian" on it, because someone else bought a lottery ticket 
and wrote "Linux" on it - and they might be offended if we won. 

Having teams makes it a bit more fun.  Having 1 team (ie. a Linux
team) sort of kills the competition aspect of it all.

So I'm still in favour of using the debian@debian.org address,
even though that address is just an auto-responder.

Once I get my experimental dwww release out (hopefully tomorrow), 
I'll package up an "rc5-bovine" package to replace the "des-solnet"


 - Jim


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