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Experiences with compiling Debian

LW> I've been compiling bo/source using the script I posted some
LW> time ago. Some common problems:

i modified your script and took some things from dpkg.buildpackage to
some sort of auto compiling. my script was working fine now, but i only
tested it on two packages of my own so far.  when the route that
computer running that script is up again, i can post it.

LW> - idea: developers upload source only, central machine(s) build
LW>    .debs, so that everything uses the same libs, etc

i like that idea. i liked it all the time.
let's get some pc's runnung auto compiling, so we can check if this is
possible. all non i386 arch will use this way (not many people are
compiling for other architectures than i386), and i386 will follow.
it doesn't make sence discussing this (we did this more than one time).
yust do it. if it works ok, we will change policy.

LW> - but: can someone provide a machine and network connection?

hmmm. joey has a powerpc (i don't know, if he got it running till now).
tim sailer gave me an account on a machine, to compile libc5 packages.
AFAIK that's all the machine does.

did you try to compile all packages in bo ? 
(such a short list - that should be all packages ? 
 i expected far more errors ...)

regards, andreas

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