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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
>         fileutils: calls msgfmt with wrong arguments

No, you have the wrong msgfmt.  :)  {file,shell,text}utils require the
gettext package to be installed in order to build properly.  This
package contains xmsgfmt, which formats text versions of translation
files into binary files.  The autoconf script is finding (I believe) the
msgfmt binary from xview-dev, which despite it's name has no connection
to locale support.

>         g77: needs gcc source code to build

There's really no way around this one, I'm afraid.  Well, I could
include the entire gcc code in the g77 package, but if you ask me to do
that, I'll be morally obligated to strangle you.  (Moving 8M through a
28.8k modem is No Fun.)


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