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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

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joost witteveen:
> I still consider this a dpkg problem -- patch/diff themselves don't seem
> to have any problems with this. Am I right here?

I don't care whether the problem is in dpkg or in the package. The
result is that it doesn't unpack properly. It's a problem and needs
to be fixed.

> > - patch file creates subdirectories
> I think here we all agreed, this is a dpkg problem (Has this been
> fixed in ?)

I don't remember that agreement, but I may have been away then.
But again, I don't care whose problem it is.

> Which build process do you mean?

The following sequence of commands:

	dpkg-source -x foo.dsc
	cd foo-something
	dpkg-buildpackage -b -rsudo -us -uc

If there is an error, the build will stop, but there is too much output
to easily see all warnings and some minor errors that don't stop the

> > - but: can someone provide a machine and network connection?
> I could, and if we decided to go that way, I'd even buy yet another HD
> just for that purpose. My only problem is my network connection,
> it's a bit slow (but fast enough for a debian mirror, so it should
> be OK).

I doubt that the speed of the net connection is important, as long
as you can transfer everything to your machine. The actual build
can and must be automated.

> This list is "only" 40 packages. We've got about 10 times more
> than that -- how many packages do you know compiled did compile?
> really 330? not too bad for a start, isn't it?

About 480 packages built properly, and about 200 had problems.
Some packages had problems because they needed -dev versions
of libraries I had neglected to install. I didn't post the
full list because I hadn't investigated everything, and didn't
want to point fingers.

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