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Re: NFS lockfiles etc: alpha implementation

In article <E0wfnZN-0006rv-00@miriam.fuller.edu>,
Christoph Lameter <clameter@miriam.fuller.edu> wrote:
>Also check with Philip Hazel ph10@cus.cam.ac.uk who has done a significant
>amount of research on that issue for exim.
>The locking code in exim is probably the newest, most up to date code I know.

I just read the code in exim, and it does exactly the same as my
code :). Only exim relies (in certain occasions, AFAIK) on the st_nlink
value from stat(), which is know to be incorrect sometimes over NFS due
to caching. Otherwise exim & liblockfile use the same algorithm.

I see that exim also uses locking with fcntl() AFTER using a lockfile.
I should probably also use that for maillock().

I must say, the exim code is extremely well commented, and the comments
are very coherent. I'll probably use some of it as a base for documenting

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