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Re: leap second

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Mark Baker wrote:

> As it is, we use POSIX time, which means that the system time follows GMT.
> When there is a leap second the time itself is changed; the timezone
> information does not need to.
> > This is completely unacceptable. OS time must be predictable.
> Which is why real time would be much better than POSIX time.
> Unfortunately we have to use POSIX time, so we're compatible with other
> computers on the network :(

Can someone explain to me exactly what POSIX time is?  I was under the
impression that many computers on the net (at least ones belonging to big
sites) grabbed their time from a radio signal broadcast by the U.S. Naval
Observatory or some similar organization, and propagated the correct time
from there.  xntp is supposed to figure in network latency from a host with
an authoritative notion of the time, right?

I do know that they do that very thing here at Purdue.

G. Branden Robinson
Purdue University

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