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Re: Documentation Policy

Christian Schwarz writes:
> Hi folks!


> So I suggest the following policy. Note, that this is just a summary, not
> the actual text.
>      The unification of Debian documentation is being carried out via
>      HTML. However, we'll still provide GNU info documentation, where 
>      available.
>      Thus, every package that contains documentation in a convertable
>      format has to provide HTML documentation. 
>      The documentation will be distributed via several packages:
>            foo-doc-html      for HTML docs
>            foo-doc-info      for GNU info docs (where available)
>            foo-doc-xxx       for other formats (only where appropriate)
>      (An example for the last case would be "DVI" documentation for TeX
>      related packages.)
>      If the documentation files in all available formats do not require
>      more than 100k of disk space _together_, they may be included in the
>      "main" package. Otherwise, the will have to be distributed in
>      seperate packages, one for each format.
> Any comments?

I don't like the idea of splitting packages that much.  It increses
the confusion for users.   For new users it is incredible difficult
to install Debian because of >1000 packages.

And for my feeling the documentation belongs to the package itself.
I don't want to install another package just because I need some

OTOH I do understand your way.



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