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Re: xemacs orphaned [Todd Walker <walker@genius.scsn.net>] RE: Account dres@scsn.net (was Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail)

John Goerzen wrote:
> OK, I've sent an e-mail to that address.  It's been about 24 hours
> since that time now, so let's give him a few more days to respond.  In
> the mean time, let's get somebody willing to take over xemacs just in
> case.  IMHO, XEmacs is the most powerful editor in our system and we
> really should keep it up!

The address "James LewisMoss <dres@scsn.net>" for xemacs failed when
I did my ping test last week.

I'll be posting a list of failed addresses on Monday.  I've been waiting
to make sure there were no new bounces before posting.

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