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Re: Debian target audience

> On Jun 16, Alex Yukhimets wrote
> > 
> > I am sorry to say, but you are wrong. Even on this list there were
> > several postings regarding this matter. There are several known 
> > problems and who knows how many unknown. You just can't afford to
> > experiment with "production" system this way. Anyway, I could take some
> > burden on myself to compile libc5 counterparts, but on my 486DX2/66 with
> > 2k/sec connection it would take years. 
> Well, if it really is a production machine (people yell if it goes down,
> etc.) shouldn't it be tracking stable instead of unstable anyways? I don't
> think that kind of change (libc5 -> libc6) can't be made without some
> amount of instability and experimenting.... well, unless we get only
> perfect developpers who recompile all their packages for libc6 at the same
> time. :)
>   Christian

Very good point, I can't agree more. That's what we expect from the "hamm"
release: ALL packages recompiled with libc6. The only problem that
commercial software won't be recompiled (or at least upgraded -- $$ issue)
by that time. And of course, that would prevent to install hamm. 
Which means that I would be in situation equivalent of using "rex" NOW.
What answer would I get on the bug report against rex package? --
"It was fixed long time ago, upgrade to ...3.45-5.deb from bo".
And it is fine, 'cause bo and rex are based on libc5, but if I'll be using
bo at the time hamm is released I wouldn't have this possibility.
That's why I would really encourage Debian community to behave more like
respectable commercial distribution and give "customer" a choice:
to install libc6 hamm OR have at least some support for bo while hamm is

Thank you.

Alex Y.

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