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Re: Debian-Policy Manual

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Mark Baker wrote:

> In article <m0wdLLe-000AHbC@eos>,
> 	David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> writes:
> >>TOPIC 4: editor/pager policy
> > What is the benefit of /usr/bin/sensible-{editor,pager}?
> > Why don't we just default to EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi and PAGER=/usr/bin/more
> > if both variables are unset? (auch, don't beat me)
> That might enable us to get rid of /usr/bin/{editor,pager} though it's an
> inferior solution to what we're doing at the moment. It won't enable us to
> get rid of /usr/bin/sensible-{editor,pager} which are for progams that don't
> understand EDITOR and PAGER.

Not exactly.

The files /usr/bin/{editor,pager} will be managed through alternatives.
Since alternatives can be changed by the sysadmin only, we allow the user
to define EDITOR and PAGER to override this.

That's why we need "sensible-{editor,pager}". These are two simply shell
scripts that test if EDITOR/PAGER is set and launches either that program,
or /usr/bin/{editor,pager}. 



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