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Debian-Policy Manual

My comments on Christian's proposal (which is very good, thank you christian):

>TOPIC 1: policy for user and group ids (uids, gids)

Wouldn't it be better to start the user uid range with 100 as most other
Unices do?

>TOPIC 4: editor/pager policy
What is the benefit of /usr/bin/sensible-{editor,pager}?
Why don't we just default to EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi and PAGER=/usr/bin/more
if both variables are unset? (auch, don't beat me)

>TOPIC 11: policy about including documentation

Ship info as default. Make a <package>-texi from which texi2html can
create html sources.

>     - how "large" may doc files be until they are moved into a 
> seperate package? 


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