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Re: inetd question

On Jun 13, Michael Meskes wrote:
> Thanks Peter.
> I guess it's the ident service. So I try nowait.120 and see what
> happens.

Of course it is the ident service (that's what the error message of
inetd said). But the ident service is not a service that is used
alone. You have an application/service which is called as often
as the ident service. You should have a look at this application.
Your problem could also be an entry in hosts.allow or hosts.deny.
If you use a username (xxx@...) there the tcp_wrapper will do an
ident/auth lookup for that service (or for all services if the ALL
keyword has been used).

Using "nowait.120" is of course a solution but it is probably better
to find the application that is causing the problem.



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