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Re: Koules now only for X?????

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.970612222313.7239A-100000@citytel_prct43.citytel.net>,
	SirDibos <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

>> We need X versions too (I'm not going anywhere near svgalib or other console
>> stuff, I've been forced to reboot too many times, which isn't very funny
>> when I've also got other users logged in).
> Ummmmmm.  My system is a home system.  Why were you running full console
> games on a production system anyways?

It's not a production system. It's my home system, but I provide various
services on it as well because I'm just such a nice guy :)

(I have a network connection in my college room... there are advantages to
being at uni)

> My enemies are right, Unix isnt a gaming system.... when its being used
> for production at the same time. However, for a home system, its perfect
> for a game system.  Just dont mix 'em up, and you'll be fine.

But I can mix X games with everything else, no problem. I can even play
quake without affecting anything else.

> Everyone, if you want to play console games and have stability at the same
> time, just pray that Linus will one day wake up, smell the coffee, and
> sanction GGI.

I agree that GGI looks interesting.

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