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Re: Koules now only for X?????

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Mark Baker wrote:

> We need X versions too (I'm not going anywhere near svgalib or other console
> stuff, I've been forced to reboot too many times, which isn't very funny
> when I've also got other users logged in).

Ummmmmm.  My system is a home system.  Why were you running full console
games on a production system anyways?  My enemies are right, Unix isnt a
gaming system.... when its being used for production at the same time.
However, for a home system, its perfect for a game system.  Just dont mix
'em up, and you'll be fine. 

Using the games in X is a kludge at best, unless the games were designed
for X from the ground up.  But the intense games just *need* the full

Everyone, if you want to play console games and have stability at the same
time, just pray that Linus will one day wake up, smell the coffee, and
sanction GGI.  It is as a gaming platform that Linux stands to see its
greatest growth.

Don Dibos


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