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Re: How do we encourage bug reports?

Good morning Enrique and others!

> >  > Perhaps the `bug' package should be priority standard?  It does make
> >  > bug reporting much easier.
> > 
> >  Yes, and when it installs itself, from `deity', it should stop with a
> > message to be read, (any key to continue) which advertises `bug's
> > presence and explains how, why, and when to use it, and invites people 
> > to do so.
> Wasn't one of our goals to allow an unattended installation?

We're far away from that.  Many packages are asking questions so that
the installation really takes some time, answering all of them, selecting
the packages &c.

Perhaps you could think over the whole thing and how we could arrange
to have an installation without the need to answer questions.



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