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Re: who is working on ncurses ?

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> who is working on ncurses ?

I was about to start.  :)

> i made ncurses 4.1 for local use and could upload it right now (ok, it's
> revoked). it would only take me a few hours to downgrade to the latest
> ncurses 1.9.9g IIRC, and a few more to create a altdev package.
> but i did not fix any bugs in my release (it was for playing around
> local).

I was going to release 1.9.9g (3.4) as a libc6 package, and create a new
version of 1.9.9e (3.0) with an altdev package for libc5.  4.1 is really
not an option.  Would this please everyone?

> i can also mail my patches to anyone who works on it (this could save
> you some work).

Well, unless you want to do it yourself, I would appreciate it.
> please give me a "go" or a "stop" !
> a ncurses for libc6 and a ncurses-altdev are needed very much.

Agreed.  If you want to unload the burden on somebody else, I'll go


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