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Re: mgetty Needs Maintainer!

joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE (Martin Schulze) writes:

> Hmm, he'll be getting a new machine today and will be trying to
> install debian on thursday.  I don't know if you remember that
> he had a house burn and lost all of his computer stuff.  (he lives
> in the same town as I do)

OK, I had just let somebody else know that they could go ahead and
develop mgetty for Debian.  I do remember the fire, I had handed
mgetty to him right before that happened.  About a month or so later,
he sent me an e-mail saying that he'd have a new version uploaded in
about 2 weeks.  That e-mail was probably about a month ago also.
After I started receiving e-mails about people complaining, I tried
contacting Siggy again (probably about a week ago) but didn't get any
response, so I posted here.  If you could relay the message to Siggy
to talk about mgetty with the new developer, I'd appreciate it.

> Anyway I thought that Chrisoph Lameter is the maintainer of mgetty
> as the most recent uploads come from him.

Christoph maintained mgetty before I did; the mgetty in rex still has
Christoph's name in it; however, the one in bo should have my info in
it.  That is, unless Christoph Debianized a newer version of mgetty
without letting me know...

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