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Re: Debian ncurses policy ?

In your email to me, Andreas Jellinghaus, you wrote:
> On Jun 6, Vincent Renardias wrote
> > 
> > What's the current Debian policy w.r.t. curses?
> > 
> > I have 6 packages (most with outstanding bugs) that I can't upload
> > anymore because I don't have any machine around with libc5, and we don't 
> > have any libc6 compiled curses. So what should we do?
> same here. i was too fast, and now i have to downgrade all packages to
> compile with libc5. (i want to create binaryies for libc5 and libc6).

Let's not all do this. I can provide a bo machine with enugh space
to compile most things except X11... this can exist for a few months,
and the developers will have the root password. The machine will be
wiped and reloaded every so often to keep things clean. Would this
help anyone out?


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