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Re: FreeQt ?

jim@jimpick.com (Jim Pick)  wrote on 02.06.97 in <199706022101.OAA18181@fleming.jimpick.com>:

> I shouldn't have said 'dropping'.  I don't think they are throwing any of
> the old code out.  But they are switching to Java as the primary language
> which they are pushing.  All of the NextStep API's will be 100% accessible

Actually, that's not true.

> from Java (if they aren't already).  Makes sense, since Java ripped off

Yes, from Java, and from Objective-C, and from C++, and probably also from  

They are today already available from stuff like Perl, as well.

The interesting thing is, with Objective C, you can actually subclass  
foreign objects in both directions in many of these cases (similar to what  
SOM did under OpenDoc).

I guess most developers will probably use C++, even though that's the  
worst language from those supported.

MfG Kai

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