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Re: Burn Debian 1.3 on CD

Message from Bruce Perens (bruce@pixar.com) on 6-5-97:
> Use the "debian-cd" package to make your ISO images. It wants a directory
> "debian" containing a mirror of "bo", "tools", "doc", and "contrib", and
> the symlink "stable -> bo". I use 4 separate mirror scripts to make this.

Is it true that the Debian CDs are self-bootable (no floppy needed?)  I
ask because I'm trying to make a self-bootable CD of Linux stuff for work
(not Debian...or else I'd just use the scripts...) and am having trouble
getting the self booting part to work.  I've read through the scripts
Debian uses but it's hard for me to figure out exactly what the relevant
parts are.


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