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Details of problems caused by Tecra patch required


I sent some mail to the author of the Tecra kernel patch, Jens Maurer 
<jmaurer@menuett.rhein-main.de>, and he replies thus:

> Philip Hands wrote:
> > One thing that I thought you might be interested in is that for a while
> > during testing, the kernel patch was included on the soon to be released
> > Debian (1.3) boot disk.
> Yes, someone told me that.
> > This has now been removed, because it caused a number of non-tecra users
> > problems. Some of them were unable to boot.
> That's bad news. I will refrain from submitting the patch to Linus in
> the current form then.
> Could you please elaborate on which setup these people used?
> I would be glad to get in contact with one of these for testing
> further patches.
> Jens.

So could anyone who experienced the problem with this patch, please contact 
either me or Jens with details of what hardware it happened on, and maybe we 
can come up with a patch that works for everyone.

The problem the patch was causing was described by Dale Scheetz as:
> I gets to the point just before "uncompressing kernel" and locks with the
> error:  A20 gating failure.

Cheers, Phil.

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