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1.3 Installation

I just installed frozen on a machine here destined to be a router.  I used
the May-20 disks and the ftp method within dselect.  All went pretty well
	in the Packages file "at" is versioned "at_3.1.6-1.deb"
while the actual file in bo/binary-i386/admin is at_3.1.7-1.deb.  I used
dpkg -i manually to get this one in there.  There are a few (seemingly
harmless) warnings about broken pipes right at the start of the ftp

Otherwise I was quite impressed.  The option to install the base disks via
NFS is a huge plus.  I do quite a few installs, and not having to rewrite
these disks as the disk-sets are updated will save me a lot.  Not a lot of
software was installed on this system as it's going to spend most of it's
life being a router, so it's not as complete a test of the installation as
some others will be...

One thing:  the only way I could get to frozen from dselect was via the
ftp method.  All the others only gave me the choice of stable or unstable,
did I miss something?  Perhaps more people would use frozen if dselect
gave them the option, regardless of their install method?  Just a

Richard Shepherd (richards@waikato.ac.nz)

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