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Re: GOAL: Consistent Keyboard Configuration

Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>Ctrl+PrintScreen (=SysRq) should do a kernel info thing.

Have you heard of the GGI project?  One of the things they have is a
SAK (secure attention key), which is guaranteed to kill all processes
running on the current VC.  The key they're using at the moment for SAK
is SysRq.  (The idea is so that you can kill hung X servers and so on,
and be sure that you've got a real login prompt, not a spoof.)  While
GGI isn't in the 'real' kernel yet, and probably won't be ready for a
while, it might not be a good idea to assign some other meaning to the
key it'll be using...

>What about W95 keys (3 of them)? Define as F20 or something?

I heard it suggested that someone should get some keytops printed with
little penguins and then sell pairs of them to Linux users with Win 95
keyboards...  ;-)

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