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Re: anyone working on updating mgetty?

I am the previous maintainer of mgetty (and the maintainer on file in
the latest version.)

I had given it to Siggy Brentrup because I didn't have time to
maintain it anymore.  Siggy then had a fire and was unable to develop
it for some time.  About 1 - 1.5 months ago, he told me he would have
a new version out in 2 weeks.  I have not heard from him since.

I did send him an e-mail a few days ago regarding this but did not
hear back from him yet.

I would advise somebody to contact Siggy (bsb@debian.org if memory
serves), and if there is no reply, consider the package yours.
(Although, please send me an e-mail regarding this so that I know that
it is being taken care of...)

I am sending a CC of this message to Siggy.

Heiko Schlittermann <heiko@lotte.sax.de> writes:

> [1  <text/plain; us-ascii (7bit)>]
> On Jun 2, Paul Haggart wrote
> : 
> :   Mgetty is quite a few versions behind.. is anyone actively maintaining this
> : package?  If not, I have enough free time now to take it.
> : 
> I thought about it, but didn't manage it.  (Since I'd have to remove
> all debmake stuff ...)  And first I should finish the wu-ftpd and/or the
> wu-ftpd-academ ...
>     Heiko
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