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cygwin.dll license (was Re: FreeQt ?)

> yeah, cygwin32.dll is under the GPL.  So? It's a DLL, like libc5 and
> libc6 are... [the *only* thing I'm aware of that actually uses the
> LGPL is libg++; it was as much of an experiment as anything, and I'm
> not aware of any not-otherwise-free software taking advantage of those
> terms...]  Just because libgcc is on "special" terms is no reason for
> cygwin32.dll to be (cygwin32 is *more* than even a libc, it's got a
> fair amount of emulation code in it, so it looks like you have unified
> file descriptors... and you don't want to look at the internals of
> select...]

I just brought this up, since it was my understanding that if you
want to write a commercial program (ie. not under the GPL), and
link it against cygwin.dll, you've got to pay Cygnus $$$.  Not all
that different than the restrictions on Qt, really.

I don't think this situation exists with libc5 or libc6 (ie. Netscape
and Sun's JDK are linked against it).  I'm not familiar with the
licenses on everything though -- I hate reading the fine print.

If I'm wrong on this issue (I hope I am), please correct me.


 - Jim

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