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Re: FreeQt ?

On Jun 1, Leland Olds wrote
> "free" means different things to different people. Personally, I like
> the Debian/Gnu definition.  But if someone else uses it in another way,
> that doesn't mean that they are scammers and are trying to mislead us.

Um... in principle.  On the other hand, that doesn't mean that all
uses are ethical.
> Qt is a commercial software product. There are restrictions on the use
> of their product - either buy the expensive commercial license, or
> don't sell your software - and buy the expensive commercial license if
> you want to compile for a non X-Windows platform.

Excellent point.

> But calling Qt a Scam is a bit strong.  I think they make it clear that
> they want to make money selling their product. I think it is also clear
> that they want to use their "Free-Software" License to encourage people
> to use and learn their product so they can sell more commercial licenses
> later.

Calling a commercial product with strong restrictions free software
in misleading, at best.

I think "scam" is a perfectly adequate way of labeling this kind
of misleading labelling.


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