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Re: xdm-shadow (was Re: 1.3 installation report.)

> # mv /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm-shadow /usr/X11R6/bin/xdm
> I can switch back and forth between shadow and non-shadow passwords,
> and can login via xdm just fine.  Nothing bad happened, my machine
> hasn't exploded yet, etc. :-)

Ah, I see, it just logs an error, but doesn't actually fail.  (The
code only changed a *small* amount, but I guess it was sufficient.)

        sp = getspnam(greet->name);
        if (sp == NULL) {
            Debug ("getspnam() failed, errno=%d.  Are you root?\n", errno);
        } else {

So I'll change that text a bit, and have the next release install both
xdm and xdm-shadow but make them the same executable (safest path, I
think, since I can't count on everything else being updated to know
about the change.)

HOWEVER, it doesn't make any sense to do a new release just for this,
since it's just an annoyance, not a bug (the shadow convert scripts
currently do the right thing if you run them with X already
installed.)  There is a better reason though -- someone sent me
patches for what they claim are all of the Xt buffer overruns.  If
there's a 1.3.1 planned, and someone lets me know the deadline and/or
schedule at least a week (preferably two) in advance, I'll get both of
these in.

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