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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Sun, 25 May 1997, Christian Hudon wrote:

> --5mCyUwZo2JvN/JJP
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> On May 24, Tom Lees wrote
> > 
> > The third solution, which I prefer is a utility which modifies the
> > variables within the scripts - it's faster, it is more "backwards
> > compatible" with sysadmins from other Unices, and generally it's nicer
> > (less dependant on the cfgtool at boot-time).
> And it changes the conffiles, which means that the user will still get
> bugged with "Conffile changed, overwrite with package's version or keeps
> yours?" questions from dpkg, which is exactly what we want to avoid with
> cfgtool.

There are ways to avoid this. For example, modify dpkg not to include any
line with "config=yes" in it in the md5sum of certain files.

So, for example:-

# the blah script
<some code>

BLAH=yes		# config=yes

If this becomes:-

# the blah script
<some code>

BLAH=no			# config=yes

It still gets excluded from the md5sum, but if someone changes it, like:-

# the blah script
<some code>


Then dpkg gets a different md5sum, and prompts, because it is included
this time.

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