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Re: Upgrading from 1.1 to frozen


	No, niether dpkg-ftp nor dpkg-mountable modify the available
 file directly. What, then, causes the problems upgrading to frozen?
 Methinks (despite the tone of your remarks) that the problem then
 does in fact lie in dpkg; as it seems to accept a packages file that
 it consequently can't parse, breaking the install.

	In any case, encrypting the directory is wrong, (even if
 programs were breaking the process the right thing to do is to submit
 bugs against them), since the information can be used legitimately by
 other programs and humans.

	I find the ability to parse the config files in wetware
 extremely useful in case of problems in dpkg (a look at the bug
 database indicates that dpkg is not immune to gremlins).

 who would be not surprised if Ian's message infuriates people.

 Congresswoman: Well, Mr. Dallas... we've heard your smut masquerading
 as songs... and we've heard how teen prostitution, pregnancy, drug
 use, cults, runaways, suicide and poor hygiene are sweeping this
 nation.  We thought you might like to share with the committee any
 particular causes you might see for those latter problems...  Steve
 Dallas: I dunno.  Maybe the proliferation of narrow, suffocating
 zealotry masquerading as parenting in this country.  Bloom County
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