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Re: Upgrading from 1.1 to frozen

Do dpkg-ftp or dpkg-mountable modify /var/lib/dpkg/available
directly ?

If so then that is why this problem (older dpkg versions not
understanding epochs) has such serious consequences.  If you tried to
dpkg --merge-available or dpkg --update-available with a Packages file
that the currently-installed dpkg wasn't able to parse it would refuse
to do it, and leave you with a working dpkg.

If a dselect method script just copies the file instead then dpkg
doesn't get a chance to do this check.  Perhaps someone decided that
the 0.0000001 second saved by not having to parse the file is worth
the extra hassle for the users of having their dpkg broken, or that
they didn't understand the --merge-available or --update-available
functions so clearly they should just bypass them.

Perhaps dpkg should encrypt /var/lib/dpkg/* to stop random packages
from messing with it ?


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