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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Brian C. White wrote:

| ***                                                                  ***
| ***           Release of Bo is HOLDING for CRITICAL BUGS!            ***
| ***                                                                  ***
| *** There is one remaining critical bug that must be resolved before ***
| *** Debian 1.3 can be released.  That bug is #9020:                  ***
| ***                                                                  ***
| ***         fsck.ext2: can't load library 'libcom_err.so.2'          ***
| ***                                                                  ***

I suppose it really isn't my place to say this, but would it not be
possible to fix a few of the cosmetic bugs while we are waiting?  A few
that come to mind are the Pacific/Pacific-New conflict in timezone, which
is going to chalk up 1 bug in the minds of everyone on the west coast of
the US who installs or upgrades Debian.  Secondly, although a bit less
common, is the fact that we have an rxvt that has xpm's by default,
instead of the newer rxvt and rxvt-xpm.  I could see plenty of users
asking themselves why their Debian has slowed down under X with the
upgrade to 1.3.  These are two I have encountered myself, but I suppose
there may be others.

Thinking about the idea that 'we can't change anything because it might
create new bugs', I ask when these necessary changes will be introduced -
1.3.1?  In which case, that should be the release burned onto CD's, as it
is stable, *and* has the wrinkles smoothed out.  Is this the plan?

Once again, pardon my ignorance - I think it's obvious I'm fairly new to
all this, but I'm anxious to learn, and to see Debian succeed.


David Welton   
davidw@efn.org  davidw@freenet.hut.fi  http://www.efn.org/~davidw
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