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Re: ssh and default home directory permissions (revisited?)

On May 26, Pete Templin wrote
> On 26 May 1997, Carey Evans wrote:
> > I've removed group write permissions from my home dir because of the
> > programs like qmail and ssh which don't like it.  I don't think
> > anything would break because of removing these permissions, so maybe
> > adduser should make home directories mode 755 (or 750)?
> Let's be careful with 750...many webservers run equivalent to nobody.
> Setting user home directories will mean additional user training (a.k.a.
> more questions for the sysadmin...) when users are creating webpages.

How about 751, then? The web servers will still run fine. I don't think
home directories should be created world-writable by default, though. Even
though it's "not a problem" with the one user, one group scheme.


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