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Re: Where is the mysql package?

On Mon, 26 May 1997 jwalther@citytel.net wrote:

> But I always use dselect, and mysql package just doesnt show up no way
> no how in the Packages file =(  And I do have it using hamm/ etc.
> Nothing but the most current.  Could this be another case of the Packages
> being out of sync with the actual files?  If so, its a sync problem thats
> lasted quite a while.

Which installation method are you using in dselect? In think you have to
specify the directory "debian/dists/unstable" as base directory and select
distributions "main", "contrib", and "non-free".

> > > Yep.  How about a verbose mode that tells you when you connect, or if it
> > > cant, says so, and then when its done, prints xxx bytes downloaded in yyy
> > > seconds, at foo kb/s.
> > > 
> > > something like:
> > > $ snarf -v http://linuxos.org/index.html
> > > connected to linuxos.org:80
> > > getting file...
> > > got 63K in 45 seconds at 1.4K/s
> > > $
> So how about it, huh? =)  Snarf is one cool proggie.

Sorry, I still don't get the connection between "snarf" and "mysql". Is it
that you want us to package "snarf"? I think is has been dropped since it
is superceded by "wget".



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