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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > Having your database seems like a reasonable idea, but it needs to be plain
> > text which might be slow; a db file would be faster but I want to be able to
> > change it in a text editor.
> As a compromise it could use the same system than the sendmail aliases:
> The user make changes in a plain text file (/etc/aliases), but the 
> application 'compiles' this file as a db database (/etc/aliases.db)?

databases ?

hey, we are talking about maybe 100 variables in 5 files, that's 20
variables per file. and the parsing is a) not complex and b) only done
during bootup / when starting scripts. the program will be written in c,
so it will be fast enough. a database will not help, only make
everything huge and slow.

regards, andreas

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