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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> ***           Release of Bo is HOLDING for CRITICAL BUGS!            ***
> ***                                                                  ***
> *** There is one remaining critical bug that must be resolved before ***
> *** Debian 1.3 can be released.  That bug is #9020:                  ***
> ***                                                                  ***
> ***         fsck.ext2: can't load library 'libcom_err.so.2'          ***

I was unable to reproduce this bug when it was first filed, but I
definitely believe it to have been fixed as of 1.10-2.  Is anyone
able to reproduce this behavior using version 1.10-2 of e2fsprogs?
I've downgraded from 1.10-2 to 1.06-3 and back without difficulty, but
since I was unable to reproduce the bug initally, it's hard to say for
certain that it is 100% fixed.

> 9255: perlsgml         - Unresolved dependency report for perlsgml

I believe that #9255 has been fixed by perlsgml_1996Oct09-5, currently
in 'hamm'.  Perhaps moving perlsgml_1996Oct09-5 to 'bo' would be a
better solution than removing it from the release?

> 9258: sgml-tools       - Unresolved dependency report for sgml-tools

Bug #9258 could also be fixed by moving sgml-data_0.02 from 'hamm' to
'bo'.  Since sgml-data_0.02 appears to have been in 'hamm' for several
weeks with no bug reports, this might be a reasonable option.
> 9127: seyon            - seyon depends on X11R6 instead of xlib6

If you like, I'd be willing to re-compile the current version of seyon
with fixed dependencies and re-upload it within 12 hours.  Probably
it'd be safer just to remove it, but I wanted the offer to be

> 9256: vrweb            - Unresolved dependency report for vrweb
> 9259: j1               - Unresolved dependency report for j1

The package 'vrweb' should probably be removed from 'bo' anyway, as it
never seems to have worked in the first place.  Would anyone object if
I were to upgrade this to the latest version for 'hamm'?

I'd offer to rebuild the current version of 'j1' as well, but I have
no sympathy for any package that include /usr/bin/j as one of its

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