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Re: Splitting the debian-changes list...

On Wed, 7 May 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> I'm thinking of two situations that we had several times now:
>  - wrong distribution fields (forgotten frozen, etc.)
>  - uploads for new packages that other people are already working on (this
> was the case for tetex, do you remember?)
> These things can be fixed before dinstall installs the package if one is
> fast enough--this wasn't a problem in the past.

Maybe we ought to get dinstall to confirm an upload by email for
priority=low uploads (medium and high go through automatically).

> Perhaps you can split dinstall into two scripts: One script that is run,
> say once an hour, that just checks incoming for new uploads and posts the
> .changes files in the appropriate lists. This script could check for
> missing files, bad md5sums, bad pgp signs, etc.

Here's my idea:-

	* Script 1 (darchive or something) will check the changes files,
	  look at the md5sums, PGP signatures, etc., and then ask for
	  confirmation by maintainers for priority low uploads. Priority
	  medium and high will automatically be passed to the second
	  script. This script will also send announcements to the lists.
	* Script 2 (dqueue) will queue an archive installation. This is
	  run as a mail filter, and also by script 1 for medium and high
	  priority uploads. This script could also produce the reports,
	  and do some clever stuff, like merge the changelogs for multiple
	  versions of one package, then delete old files.
	* Script 3 (dinstall) will run once per day, and simply installs
	  all the queued packages.

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