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Re: Splitting the debian-changes list...

On 7 May 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:
> > if we are reorganizing the lists : what about disableing manual postings
> > and let a script do the posting ?
> It would be only a few minutes work for me to have dinstall do this.
> My scripts already automatically post the weekly summaries `New <arch>
> Packages', so we could even do away with the individual postings
> completely or make the summary postings daily.

The current process where the maintainer sends the changes file to the
changes-xxx list has the advantage that this announcement is distributed
via the list _before_ dinstall installs the file. This way, one can object
to an upload and fix things before the package is installed in the

I'm thinking of two situations that we had several times now:

 - wrong distribution fields (forgotten frozen, etc.)
 - uploads for new packages that other people are already working on (this
was the case for tetex, do you remember?)

These things can be fixed before dinstall installs the package if one is
fast enough--this wasn't a problem in the past.

Perhaps you can split dinstall into two scripts: One script that is run,
say once an hour, that just checks incoming for new uploads and posts the
.changes files in the appropriate lists. This script could check for
missing files, bad md5sums, bad pgp signs, etc.

The other script is run once a day and installs the packages.

Would this be much work to implement?



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