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Re: XFree86 installation problems...

On Thu, 8 May 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> It certainly isn't a xaw3d/xaw95/nextaw problem: they contain a
> libXaw.so.6, but only as a replacement for the ones in xlib6, and that
> should be the one you're using at configureation time (although I
> guess the xaw3d ones shouldn't do too much harm).
It's very strange. The library is where it is supposed to be, and
'ldconfig -p' indicates that its location is known to the loader.

I went back and first purged all the xbase and related packages and then
did a re-install. This time I allowed the vga16 server to be the default.
I was then offered, and able, to create the configuration file. (This
interface has come a long way since my last X installation. I like it!)
After the configuration was complete I was then offered the server-svga as
a possible default. I said yes to making it the default and everything has
run successfully since then with one minor exception.

When I run spider (I'm the maintainer) I get the error:

	Warning: Cannot convert string "menu12" to type Pixmap

I don't see this on my old system. Any ideas what might be causing it?

On the libXaw.so.6 problem...I will try to do anothe installation and
follow the original path that caused the problem and see if it still
happens, but now that I know what the proper order of selection is, I
probably will not persue it much farther.


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