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Re: Splitting the debian-changes list...

In article <199705061918.NAA03794@kansas.et.byu.edu>,
	andersee@et.byu.edu (Erik B. Andersen) writes:

> Has anybody considered splitting the debian changes list into
> sublists based on architecture.  It would simplify things
> by reducing the volume of mail that is irrelevant to an
> individual's current architecture (i386, alpha, m68k, sparc, etc).

You would want source releases as well of course; something for (i386
source) would be of interest to all the other architectures so they could
compile it. The only things that are not of interest to everyone are those
that are binaries only for some platform, and they are currently not a large
proportion of the list.

> I suppose the alternative would be to filter on non-interesting 
> (to me) architectures with procmail, and dump them to /dev/null
> but that is somewhat wasteful of bandwidth. 

Is it more or less wasteful than sending source packages to all the lists?

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