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Re: Remaining critical bugs (IMHO)

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> 21 leap-seconds have been added since 1970. Debian takes them into account,
> while POSIX does not. The result is that Debian thinks there have been
> 21 more seconds between New Years Day 1970 and now than Solaris does. If you
> set the time(0) time to be any arbitrary value, Debian should be 21 seconds
> behind Solaris when it displays the local time.
> Unfortunately, various things break. ext2fs validation software, network
> time daemons, etc. So we have little choice but to do it the POSIX way.
> About the best thing we can do to explain it is to say that POSIX time
> is counting the time since 00:21 Jan 1 1970 GMT, and keep incrementing
> that number as leap-seconds are added.
> I think POSIX was rather arrogant in intentionally codifying this
> mis-feature.

AFAIK Fernando Alegre is currently maintaing the timezone package. I've
just seen that there are 23 open bug reports against it and a search
through my mail folders showed that the last message from Fernando is from
Mar 6.

Does anyone know if he is still with us?

Note that "timezone" has "Priority: required" and as such _everyone_ will
have this package installed by default. IMHO this _is_ release critical if
we consider 23 open bug reports...

Thanks for your time,


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