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State of HAM-RADIO packages

Hi y'all,

I'm using DEBIAN now for over a year and I am a happy user. One thing 
kind of bothers me though: the state of the ham-radio software in the 
debian distribution. The reason I sunscribed to this list is I would 
like to get something going. There is A LOT of ham-radio software, 
going from sattelite tracking, through logging and packet-radio 
programs. None of them are in the debian distribution, on one of the 
ftp mirrors you can only find a very-old-and-no-longer-uptodate ax25 
utilities package and some minor utilities.

Who would like to get this work going ?
Who is already working on these hard-needed packages ?
Who would like to give his comments?
Who's got ideas, a wishlist, anything ?


                Joop Stakenborg                    
           Department of Hyperthermia              
        Dr. Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center          
 P.O.Box 5201, 3008 AE Rotterdam, the Netherlands  
     tel: +31104391676       fax:+31104851559      
          e-mail: stakenborg@hyph.azr.nl      

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