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Re: Package organization issue...

On Apr 27, Joey Hess wrote
> I did some more poking around on the only redhat machine I have an account
> on. /etc/profile contains:
> for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh ; do
> And /etc/csh.cshrc has:
>         foreach i ( /etc/profile.d/*.csh )

Well, debian already ships with rc and es.  But maybe there's a better
way of doing this.

The ideal thing would be a shell script used for *all* logins, which
kicks in before the user shell is loaded.  This means changing
login, and xdm, to use something like this:

	char*pat=". /etc/login.sh; exec -l %s";
		if (!buf) {
			perror("sorry, out of memory, try again later");
		sprintf(buf, pat, shell);
		exec("/bin/bash", "-c", buf);

where shell is from /etc/passwd (field 7).


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