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Re: Package organization issue...

On Apr 26, Dale Scheetz wrote
> Second: Libc5, libc5-dev, and libc5-pic are all in standard. Ncurses3.0 is
> 	also in standard, however, ncurses3.0-dev is in optional while
> 	ncurses3.0-pic is in extra. Shouldn't they be in standard?

IMHO, the -pic packages should be 'extra' or at least 'optional'. They're
really only needed if you're building Debian bootdisks. I'm pretty sure the
vast majority of Debian users have no use for them.

> Third:This is really just a personal request. I think that mc should be
> 	part of standard. This would bring libgpm1 into standard as well.

I'd say that's a good idea.


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