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Package organization issue...

I have been going over the Packages file for the i386 binary distribution
and have found several discrepancies. Thanks to Ralph Winslow for the perl
script to produce a priority ordered list of packages. Dividing the
Packages list into "standard" (required, important, and standard) and
"optional" (optional and extra) groups provides the following.

First: 	Thanks to the "no-priority" trap in Ralph's script, the fact that
	pcl-cvs has no priority field was discovered. I don't have any
	idea just what the priority should be here.

Second: Libc5, libc5-dev, and libc5-pic are all in standard. Ncurses3.0 is
	also in standard, however, ncurses3.0-dev is in optional while
	ncurses3.0-pic is in extra. Shouldn't they be in standard?

Third:	This is really just a personal request. I think that mc should be
	part of standard. This would bring libgpm1 into standard as well.


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