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Re: Packages missing

<jwalther@citytel.net> writes:
> They are in the packages file.  Dunno why they arent on the site.  Ive had
> a lot of problems with Packages not matching up with whats actually there.
> Is there any explanation for this?  Isnt Packages generated automatically
> based on whats in the directories?
> Yer doing a good job guys, just hope this little perplexity can be
> explained to me.
> getting: unstable/binary-i386/base/base-files_1.3.3.deb (25786)
> unstable/binary-i386/base/base-files_1.3.3.deb: No such file OR directory.

I complained about this too.  A little manual ftp showed me that
base-files_1.3.4.deb does exist in that directory.  For some reason
the Packages file has not been updated.
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