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Re: New section cdrom-able (?)

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

> This is an excerpt of a message from Greg Roelofs <newt@pobox.com>,
> in reply to a message in which I asked him about unzip license.
> *-------------------------------------------
> [ ... ]
> I'll bounce this off the others in the zip-bugs group, but there's
> essentially zero probability that we'll switch to the GPL in the 5.x
> series.  For 6.0 or 6.1--especially after the enhanced-DLL rewrite--
> that might be more reasonable.
> In the meantime you folks might consider a third category within
> Debian:  software that is freely CDROM-able but not allowed to be
> sold stand-alone.
> [ ... ]
> *--------------------------------------------
> Is there any chance to create a "cdrom-able" category within non-free?

I don't think this is worth the trouble. The non-free section is thought
for packages that are not free according to our interpretation of "free".
This does not mean that all programs in the section cannot be placed on a
CD-ROM. Instead, the CD-ROM vendors can check all licenses of the programs
in non-free and decide themselves if they want to include it or not.

So if zip/unzip is not "free" just put it into non-free.



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