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kernel-source-2.0.27 is obsolete (was: Re: kernel-source package have serious bugs)

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: N/A

Kevin Dalley wrote:
> > Firstly I never said 2.0.29 is obsolete.  In fact, this has been fixed in
> > 2.0.29-5 which is still in the Incoming directory on master (it's been there
> > for weeks).  And secondly as far as I am concerned there is no point in keeping
> > 2.0.27 in bo since there has been no reported bugs introduced in the latter
> > versions that are serious enough to require the presense of 2.0.27 in bo.
> Wonderful.  Perhaps we agree after all.  If 2.0.29-5 fixes the bug,
> then 2.0.29 doesn't need a bug reported against it.  I will concede
> that point.  Can we agree that kernel-source-2.0.27 should have bug
> 6527 (Configure int() subroutine broken (or expr)) reported against it
> until either:
> 1.  It is removed from the bo distribution
> or
> 2.  The bug is fixed.

So unless anyone else objects, Guy, please remove 2.0.27 from bo.

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