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Re: Newer versions of libpng.

'Philippe Troin wrote:'
>The current debianized release of libpng is 0.89c. I've debianized 
>But... 0.89c has a soname of 1, and a library name of 1.0.89c. Which 
>will be inconsistent with the upcoming release of libpng 1.0 (pretty 
>As there are binary incompatibilities between 0.89c and 0.95a 
>(programs dynamically linked with libpng 0.89c won't work with 0.95a, 
>they'll crash), I'd like to bump down the library version to 0.95a 
>with a soname of 0.
>Does anyone has an objection about this ?

Yes, don't break other packages.  Make the soname 0.95a if you must,
but don't break other packages.  See the slang package for the
approach we've evolved on this issue.

[List of packages that would break]

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