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Re: Why don't we have a gencat?

On Apr 13, Fabrizio Polacco wrote
> man-db_2.3.10-35 will have it right. I'll inform you when it will be
> available.


> man-db is not a GNU package (you know what GNU thinks of manpages :-),
> and the gencat included in its source is the enhanced gencat contributed
> by Alfalfa Software Incorporated, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1990.
> I don't know what is the gencat that you have found on sunsite, but, if
> it isn't the same, can someone who uses it make a comparison and suggest
> here what could be best to have in the distribution?

It's the same one. The top of the gencat.c I found says:

Copyright 1990, by Alfalfa Software Incorporated, Cambridge, Massachusetts.



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