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making installation easier

One area of installation we could really improve is hardware
configuration. A program that probed for hardware on the
system would be great (the kernel seems to do a pretty good
job of detecting most things already. Is there a way we
could utilize that info?). This would then enable us to
present a list of hardware to the user and some default
actions which the installer could override. For example,
after detecting a modem sitting at 0x3f8 IRQ 4, it would
have the default action of doing 'ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/modem'.

Having the ability of setting up (most) modems, sound cards, etc.
automatically would really gain Debian a lot of friends.

Another benefit of this is we could have a policy of having
programs use the soft links (like /dev/modem) by default.

Again, people would still have the ability to override the
default so it would avoid a lot of questions from newbies
while not causing advanced users any problems. 


- Sue

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